Sunroom Ideas

Your sunroom will be an undeniable favorite place in the house, move through the bedroom, living room and even in the men’s cave! You will do it all in your sunroom, from birthday parties to simple unwinding and scrolling through Pinterest.

When you plan your sunroom style, you want an aesthetic that fits your home and expresses your personal tastes. From a practical point of view by, you also want to make sure that you can use your sunroom all year round – not just in spring, autumn and summer.

3 Popular trends in sunrooms style

Although the tastes of every homeowner and every solarium we build are different, there are some key ideas in the style of the solarium that almost everyone loves. Take a look at these trends in sunroom style, which ensure that your sunroom looks stunning both inside and out.

Maximum glass

You love sunrooms because you want to bring tons of natural light and appreciate your view from the outside. To get the most out of these things, you need as much glass as possible. One of the popular solarium styles involves stretching windows from floor to ceiling. The advantage of designing your sunroom is that we build modular sunrooms, so we can stretch your window space to the corner – in a traditional building, this would be impossible.

Individual dormer windows

Another way to invite all-import natural lighting by adding skylights is a popular sunbed idea, which we love to use. Again, this is the place where our modular building style pays off. On LGL Sunrooms, we can custom cut out the skylights as large as you want, as there are no rafters to get in the way. On a bright sunny day, your sun room will bathe in light from all sides – there are a few things better than this.

Picture window feeling

While working with grids on windows is gaining popularity when replacing windows in the house, the style of continuous work with windows is the dominant trend when designing a sunroom. Again, the design of a sunroom is to provide you with maximum space for glass and a completely uninterrupted view from the outside. Bottom line: while the mesh pattern can be luxurious and rustic, it does not match the style and purpose of the solarium.