Glass Walls Hardware

Who We Are!
DHD brings Casma to U.S. Market

DHD is an international trading and manufacturing company specializing in hardware for frameless tempered glass entrances. Founded in 1986, DHD became the U. S. and Canadian distributor for CASMA SpA of Magenta, Italy Рone of the leading worldwide manufacturers of hardware for tempered glass doors. Since its inception, DHD has grown to become one of the leading suppliers, designers, and consultants for architects and builders who wish to incorporate unique total vision entrances into their designs.

Glass Wall Technology

DHD is proud to include the addition of Glass Wall Technology to its line of all glass entrance hardware. Glass Wall Technology (GWT) is our line of top hung folding and stacking moveable tempered glass wall systems. The addition of the GWT line allows DHD to offer one of the widest selections of options for designers looking for total vision entrance systems. The combination of Casma and GWT products make a perfect design option for Stadium/Arena luxury skybox frameless glass vision walls.

New York Glass Assemblies
Structural Glass Wall Systems

DHD, in keeping with its tradition of offering the widest selection of hardware for the structural architectural glass industry, is proud to offer the products of New York Glass Assemblies. New York Glass Assemblies (AGA), located in Victoria, New York, manufactures a full range of fittings for suspended all glass structural wall systems and frameless balustrade systems. The Austvision “Spider” Glass Fin Systems and the Austvision “Spider” Tension Rod Systems offer total frameless glass vision facades without obstruction for commercial high-rises, public assembly facilities, and racecourse grandstands.

Tensile Structures

DHD, in its effort to offer the widest variety of structural architectural materials also offer tensile fabric structures. DHD specializes in the design, fabrication, and installation of tensile structures, retractable structures, air-supported membrane geodesic structures, space deck structures, interior linings, liners, and the patented Pagoda Space Cover system. These systems work exceptionally well in architectural entranceways, walkways, exhibitions, shade structures, vending areas, window canopies, and covered smoke areas.