Glass Wall

Austvision Structural
Glass Wall Systems

Australian Glass Assemblies

Australian Glass Assemblies (AGA), located in Melbourne, Australia, has been manufacturing and designing structural glass wall systems for over fifteen years. These systems began with the traditional exterior patch plate systems and have evolved into the Austvision system, which incorporates Spider Austfix hardware to provide a structural glass envelope for building facades on any plane. The Spider Austfix system offers the benefits of completely flush external appearance as well as the design freedom for mechanical fixtures to be small and discreet to suit aesthetic objectives.

Austvision “Spider” Glass Fin System

The Austvision Glass Fin System, which incorporates the Spider Austfix fittings, allows for a totally flush exterior surface over large expanses of glass. A glass fin stabilizer supports the glass façade as a back up structure while allowing for the maximum vision area. The glass fin stabilizers are connected to the glass façade by means of the Spider Austfix fittings, which allows transfer of the wind loading from the facade through the fins to the surrounding structure. Details

Austvision “Spider Tension Rod System

The Austvision Spider Tension Rod System is an alternative back up structure for glass facades, which incorporates high strength stainless steel tension rods in a vertical and /or horizontal truss design. The tension rod truss system provides a minimal profile while allowing for unusual and exciting design possibilities. They also provide the dynamic flexibility required to absorb thermal expansion and seismic movement. Details

Austvision Frameless Glass Balustrade Fittings

AGA offers a wide variety of fittings for frameless glass balustrades, which include the visionary design of the Austvision Spider 444/2 Fittings, which are stylish, high quality and

Austvision Glass Canopies, Stairwells and
Covered Walkways

Laminated glass can be incorporated into horizontal structures, which can greatly expand the use of vision panels in applications such as canopies, stairwells and covered walkways.

Austvision Frameless Glass Squash Court Backwalls

Austvision Squash and Racquetball glass walls are available in standard sizes or custom designs. The freestanding backwalls are available in standard 2 or 4 panel designs. The full height door backwall design will withstand the impact conditions and the deflection criteria within the ISRF
specification requirements.