Austvision “Spider” Glass Fin Systems

The Austfix Spider fittings are manufactured using the lost wax casting method with 316 grade stainless steel with a tensile strength of 600 MPa providing a flexible connection between glass and the support system. The Spider fitting arms are designed to support a maximum loading and allow flexibility to reduce stress around the glass holes. The Spider fittings can carry 12.0kN under static load tests.

The Austfix Spiders assist the glass façade in absorbing any dynamic movement while allowing maximum transparency. AGA Spider systems are supported by full service and necessary engineering to give an end product that can be designed to withstand specific earthquake and
hurricane conditions.

Series 445 Glass Fin Spiders

The 445 series Spiders are designed to connect the main plate glass panels on a structural glass wall to the glass fin stabilizers. They are available in two configurations: The 445/4, which is a 4-way connector, designed to bring together four panels of main plate glass. The 445/2 is a 2-way connector designed to be used at the perimeters of the structural glass wall to connect two glass panels.

The 445 series Spiders are used in conjunction with suspension assemblies, root fin angles, glass fin splice plates and restraining boxes, and will offer a complete design solution for structural glass walls using glass fin stabilizers. Let AGA and DHD assist you by providing a completely engineered structural glass fin wall system