Austvision “Spider” Glass Fin System

Austvision “Spider”
Tension Rod System

The Austvision Spider Tension Rod System incorporates a truss support system for long span glass facades using high strength stainless steel tension rods. The tension rod truss design can be fixed via Austfix Spiders to glass façades, which incorporate fully tempered monolithic glass, 10mm to 19mm, or double glazed insulated glass units. It is recommended that all glass panels be heatsoaked to assure safety
and reliability.

Series 446 Truss Connection Spider Fittings

The 446 series Spiders are designed to tie directly into a ferrule or truss system, which is used as the structural truss support for a suspended glass wall system. The 446/4 Spider is designed to be a 4-way connection for the glass main plates. The 446/2 Spider is used at the perimeter to support two panels of glass coming together. These connector fittings can be used in conjunction with an Austfix Spider Tension Rod System or with other manufacturers structural steel or space frame systems.


The Austvision Spider Tension Rod System has been tested by an independent testing laboratory recognized by the National Association of Testing Authority (N.A.T.A.) of Australia. A full size Austfix Spider Tension Rod System glass wall that was 4.0M x 3.0M was tested up to 5.0kPa wind pressure, which is equivalent to cyclone or typhoon conditions. After testing, the system was checked for failure and was found to be in its original excellent condition.